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being a teenage girl is so confusing like should i masturbate? should i steal my parent’s alcohol?? should i overthrow the government?????

Yes, yes and if you’re living in Australia, yes, you’ll single handedly do a better job than the current mob.





Fun fact: Farmers Union Ice Coffee is the highest selling beverage in South Australia. It is the only place in the world where a Coca-cola product is not the number one selling drink, and is currently preventing Coca-cola from being able to say they are the ‘number one sold drink world wide’, much to Coca-cola’s chagrin. 

Fuck yeh straya, maaatee

more like fuck yeh sowf straya, mateee


Doesn’t Scotland have a drink that is more popular than coke that isn’t owned by coke?

Yey for missing someone on Christmas. :/


90% of australian television is just white people crying about cooking or renovating.



I’m still watching this

I try to do this in so many bathrooms.

If you haven’t heard this song you should go listen now because literally every line is amazing and I couldn’t gif it all [x]

Bo is amazing. I love him!!